Time For Ron Paul Supporters to Support the Constitution?


Is this article on brietbart.com in any way shape or form serious or sincere?  The writer clearly doesn’t understand the issue.  And if you scroll down and read some of the comments down there, apparently most of the blogs readers don’t understand much either.  They should rename this site to BOOBart.com.  It would do the world a better service posting pictures of women’s chests.  So they want to pretend that the Romney/Ryan ticket is any different than the Democratic ticket?  Sorry … you aren’t talking to uneducated people.  We have eyes and ears and we can see rather clearly … except of course when the GOP shuts the lights and mics off, breaks people’s hands and dislocates citizen’s prosthetic hips.

So you want to blame Ron Paul supporters when your handpicked clone of Obama loses?  Enjoy your moaning and groaning for the next four years.  Maybe at some point, your mindfuckingly childish attitudes will unfuck themselves and eventually and  grow up into adults.

Don’t spit in people’s faces and then blame the people you spit on for not supporting you.  It’s your fault and your fault alone.  Own your failures and learn from your mistakes … or continue failing … that’s your choice.

You claim that Mitt Romney supports the Constitution?  That he supports the free market?  That he supports freedom?

If you can prove this to me … then Romney has my vote.  Unfortunately for you, I think you are going to have a tough time doing so.


Try Not Treating People Like Shit Next Time … Maybe


I couldn’t help but grin seeing this article on the interwebs this morning. It should make you happy too if you are pissed about what the GOP has become. I’ll keep it short and simple. Fuck the Fucking Fuckers.

On another note, in reading a little bit about the electoral college process, my understanding indicates that electors are forced to vote in blocks. Who the fuck came up with that idea? These individuals are selected by private political parties and can only vote for a candidate they are ordered to vote for … hmm .. does that not sound like coercion to you? It sure doesn’t sound like individuals are free to vote as they wish in a “free” country … because mandated votes kind of gets rid of the whole purpose of voting … doesn’t it.

And if I do understand this other little thing correctly, we have an electoral college that elects a president in direct opposition to the popular vote. That’s good … because a lot of people are stupid these days. All you have to do is walk around asking people to sign a petition to ban water and you will get millions of signatures.

But hold on a second … the party of electors that is of the party of the candidate that wins the popular vote in that particular state are the ones who are chosen to vote in the election? Does that even make any sense for a fucking second? Back the fuck up. If the electoral college sends a group of electors to vote for their parties candidate … and they only get to vote if their candidate already won the popular vote … then WHY THE FUCK ARE WE PARTICIPATING IN THIS EXERCISE TO BEGIN WITH!?

Popular vote = popular vote …. you don’t need to designate a few handpicked cocksuckers to tally votes for a contest that was ALREADY COMPLETED!

Anyway … establishment Republicans … maybe next time you shouldn’t cheat and treat people like shit … oh and you have no right accusing people you treat like shit that it’s their fault they didn’t vote for you and you lost. It just makes you look like an idiot … but you probably already were one to begin with.

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After a Long Hiatus I Return

Now that the election cycle is pretty much over and I missed out on countless hours of good laughs, I have decided to maintain this blog on a regular basis.  This video might have something to do with it.  Enjoy.


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Newt Whine Like a Bitch Gingrich

It is amazing how much whining like a bitch Newt Gingrich has done this entire presidential campaign.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen whining as an entire campaign strategy in order to avoid talking about substantive issues.  When Newt faces criticism and is asked to explain himself, he routinely pouts like a baby, desperately trying to bury his shitty history.   There are so many things that conservatives can point to for good reasons not to support Newt, but for now let’s just stick to his marital infidelities, since that seems to be the most recent topic.

When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, during the Clinton Administration, he pushed for the impeachment of Clinton regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  At the same exact time, marshmallow face was married and participating in the same exact behavior as he was accusing Bill Clinton of.  Of course, Gingrich married and divorced twice already, not that there’s anything wrong with divorce.  You want to criticize other people of marital infidelity, but you want to pout like a little bitch when people criticize you about  your marital infidelities.  Maybe you should stop talking about family values if you don’t have any, shitface.

A few days ago, Newt’s ex-wife of 18 years was interviewed regarding Newt and his moral adventures.  She lived with him for 18 years.  She might know a thing or two about the marshmallow man.  If you think that your personal relationships have nothing to do with anything, THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.  So you are going to cheat on your wife with your congressional aid, Calista the cadaver, and then you want your ex-wife to lie about your character?  What fucking planet do you come from you fat lard?  I hope your arteries clog you psychopathic power hungry would be dictator.  Stop whining like a little bitch that you are coming under scrutiny for being an absolute dickfuckGrow the fuck up or get the fuck out of the race if you can’t handle being asked legitimate questions about your character.  And if you don’t want to answer questions about your character, maybe you should think about it next time before you do anything else to fuck it up any further.

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More Pompous Garbage at the SC GOP Debate

The latest GOP debate last night in South Carolina was absolutely disgusting.  The crowd exhibited everything that is wrong with the Republican Party today.  Apart from standard conservative criticism of the modern liberal GOP, these asshats actually booed Mitt Romney, when the moderator stated that his father was born in Mexico.  What in the fuck really?  Try thinking about a rational statement to back up holding that position and get back to me when you get done removing your head from your ass.  Absolutely pathetic.  If you want to boo Mitt Romney, don’t boo the fact that his father was born in Mexico because that has nothing to do with fucking anything you dickfacesMy father wasn’t born in America either … and he was still a better person than your pathetic disgrace for a human being could ever be.  There are plenty of good reasons for wanting to boo Mitt Romney.  That is not one of them.  Nothing else can be taken away from that except that Republicans don’t like Mexicans … or are in some way superior to other human beings because of birth place.  You hit that one out of the park you fucking idiots.

Then came the odd booing of Ron Paul’s suggestion of following the Golden Rule of Christianity, “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.  Apparently, the Republican Party and in South Carolina, the GOP has no shame in selectively choosing which parts of Christianity they like and which parts they wish to disregard.  You couldn’t be more full of shit if you tried.  This is the religious right openly expressing itself for what it is, a bunch of fuckhead authoritarian radical religious wackjobs.  They disgrace the state of South Carolina and their professed religion.   This, along with the continued insistence that America is somehow above it all, impervious to the laws of nature of which every  nation in history has had to abide by, and immune to the universal reality that actions have consequences, combines for a well baked nationalistic cake with vanilla frosting and red, white, and blue sprinkles.  Only problem is, it’s fairy land bullshit.  We’ll just have to see how well ignoring reality works out for you, you brain dead nazi flag wavers.   And if that wasn’t enough, they were cheering indefinite detention of American Citizens.  What an insult to America.

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